Maintaining and enabling independence

Independence is important to all of us. We believe in using innovative technology to help our users maintain or improve their independence. Our round-the-clock monitoring centre is staffed by professional, experienced staff who only pass on information to people that have permission to know about our users’ well-being.

Preventing and
identifying illness remotely

Our bespoke systems can reduce worry and, in some cases, identify and prevent illnesses before they become serious. For example, bed and chair sensors can alert our team if someone’s daily routine has changed or they haven’t got up in the morning. Our medication reminder/dispenser can alert us if a client has missed a dose.

By remotely and unobtrusively keeping an eye on how our clients are, we can ensure they are safe and able to remain independently in their own homes.

GPS tracking and assistance

In much the same way that we can now track where mobile phones are, our GPS tracking service allows us to find users who may have become lost or disorientated. Our locally based team can assist in directing our clients back to safety, or in alerting the emergency services if necessary.

Our GPS tracking service provides our users and their families or carers with the security and comfort of knowing that, if the worst should happen, someone is looking out for them.

If you are interested in finding out more about maintaining your independence or that of a family member or client, please call one of our consultants on 01634 567999 or email us at